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Don't Know
To Start?

Let us conduct an HR Audit of your company's
procedures, policies and operations.

During the course of an HR Audit, we can assess your legal compliance with Federal and State employment laws; determine if you have proper safe guards for records management and if you have effective employee communications of policies and procedures.

At the audit completion, you will receive a written document with implementation steps to reduce your company's risk and increase your ability to attract and retain the best qualified personnel for your company.

Interim HR Professional Services
Time-Share an HR Professional

Is your business growing, but not yet large enough for a full-time HR professional? Or perhaps your business strategy does not support a full-time HR director? The answer for your company may be having access to an HR professional without the need to have them full-time on staff.

Smaller companies don't always have the capital to invest in a full-time HR professional, but they have the same business problems as larger firms. A good cost- effective solution for you may be to Time-Share and HR professional. Under this arrangement, Barrett HR Consulting will provide an HR professional at your location several days per week or several hours per day each month. This professional can assist you in developing your HE organization, structure, policy handbook, interviewing, recruitment, targeted training, employee relations, performance management, exit interviews, and other areas where we provide overall generalist support.

HR "Start-Up"

If your company has grown quickly but you have not planned or implemented a human resources function Barrett HR Consulting can help! We are skilled in the process and planning to start-up your human resources function and free-up your business executives to do what they are trained to do; expand your business and sales.

Other HR Projects and Services

  • Sourcing and Recruitment - find and hire the best candidates
  • Retention Programs - keep your best and brightest by acknowledging their contributions and providing a challenging and rewarding work environment.
  • Mentoring Programs - share the knowledge both ways! Energize your less experienced employees; provide a satisfying way for your more experienced employees to share their knowledge and expertise with less experienced employees and to benefit from new perspectives from your less senior employees.share the knowledge both ways!
  • Employee Handbooks - know and abide by federal and state employment laws and your company policies; communicate, communicate, communicate!
  • Outplacement Services/Workplace Realignment - job coaching and placement services when a position must be eliminated.

Barrett HR Consulting,
has provided us with quality sourcing and recruiting services in all areas of our business.

Successful recruiting for our company requires a keen understanding of our needs and culture.

Doug has a unique skill to hone in on this successfully and provide professional quality services.

Rick Cholewka
Operations Mgr.
Rest Assured, Inc.

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